The State of Global Air 2024 reports provides a comprehensive analysis of data for air quality and health impacts for countries around the world. The analysis finds that:

● Air pollution accounted for 8.1 million deaths globally in 2021, becoming the second leading risk factor for death, including for children under five years. Of the total deaths, noncommunicable diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) account for nearly 90% of the disease burden from air pollution.

● In 2021, more than 700,000 deaths in children under 5 years were linked to air pollution; this represents 15% of all global deaths in children under five.

As in previous years, the State of Global Air 2024 report and accompanying website provides comprehensive data on the levels and trends in air quality and health for every country in the world. This State of Global Air report was produced in partnership with UNICEF. In the State of Global Air 2024 interactive app, you can explore, compare, and download data and graphics reflecting the latest air pollution levels and associated burden of disease for over 200 individual countries, territories, and regions, as well as track trends from 1990 to 2021.

SoGA 2024 Report
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How Does Air Pollution Impact Children's Health (factsheet)
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