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Press coverage in 2018

The GuardianMore than 95% of world's population breathe dangerous air, major study finds
Poorest are hardest hit with many developing countries falling behind

Reuters: China cuts smog but health damage already done: study

Fortune: If you're reading this, you're probably breathing unsafe air

Air Quality News: Air pollution linked to 6.1m global deaths

Independent: More than 95% of Earth’s population breathing dangerously polluted air, finds study
Annual deaths from poor air have increased by 20 per cent since 1990

Fox News: More than 95 percent of world's population breathe polluted, dangerous air, study says

Hindustan Times: Air pollution is one of the leading cause of deaths, ahead of alcohol abuse and BP

Pakistan Today: Pakistan experiences steepest increase in air pollution levels

Albanian Times: China late in cutting smog as health damage already done

Development Discourse: China might have been slow in making progress in cutting smog, damage done already