July 8th, 2021

In case you missed it, a recording of the HEI 2021 Annual Conference Webinar “From Global to Local: Informing Air Quality Policies and Decision-Making” is now available. Slides are also available here.


About the webinar:

Health impact assessments conducted around the globe point to the substantial burden of disease attributed to air pollution. Yet for a variety of reasons, both scientific and political, progress has stalled in addressing air pollution in many regions of the world. An increasing number of analytical approaches are emerging at global to local scales to help characterize air pollution sources, the relative health benefits of reducing them, and the cost-effectiveness of different approaches. Using results from a new global study on source-specific impacts of air pollution (Global Burden of Disease–Major Air Pollution Sources) as an example, this session will provide an overview of key approaches and discuss their implications for informing policies and solutions with a view to improving air quality at national and local scales.